Dear partners and stakeholders, we are currently shifting our membership portal to a new platform. Online application will resume once its ready, estimated June 2021.


Admin fees / Late renewal fees for this period will be waived till further notice. Thank you for your patience and support for Triathlon Singapore!

Note: We will no longer provide a physical membership card. You will instead be sent an email on your TAS membership number after your new application/renewal. We are moving towards e-Membership card and we will make another announcement soon. For a letter of membership verification, email us at

Accept our apologies for any inconveniences we might cause during this process.

Individual Membership

  • For athletes, coaches, officials, personals involved in the sports of Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon in Singapore.
  • There shall be three categories of Individual Members, namely:
    • Adult Member
    • Adult Member (belonging to an affiliate Member Triathlon Club)
    • Junior Member (19 years old and below)
  • Individual Members are required to present their membership number during registration at all of the association’s sanctioned events. Non members will be required to purchase a Day of Race (DOR) membership, which will entitle them for insurance coverage, and which acts as a license for them to race
  • Individual Members shall not have any voting rights, but shall be eligible to serve on the Management Committee (above 18 years of age)

Ordinary Membership

  • An Ordinary Member shall consist of triathlon club or organisation that are duly registered with the Registry of Societies, and/or which are entities within the Singapore Government or Statutory Boards
  • Shall not be a commercial entity operating a business in or out of Singapore
  • Minimum of twenty (20) valid adult members, or fifteen (15) valid junior members
  • Members must be actively participating in competitions and/or other related programs
  • Membership shall be on an annual basis, by submission of an annual application form
  • Entitled to nominate a nominee to cast its vote during General Meetings, and shall be eligible to serve on the TAS Management Committee

Affiliate Members

  • There shall be two categories of Affiliate Members: Triathlon Clubs, Associate Members
  • Triathlon Clubs must meet minimum requirements in order to get affiliated to the Association. Affiliated Triathlon Clubs can purchase the Association’s individual membership for their own members, at the discounted rate.
  • Minimum Requirements for Triathlon Clubs:
    • Minimum of 5 adult athletes or 3 Junior Athletes, actively participating in competitions and/or other related programs
    • Club must be having regular training sessions for their members.
    • Minimum of 1 Coach must be present for their training sessions.
    • All coaches of the club must be registered with the National Registry of Coaches.
    • Minimum of 1 Coach must be certified in Triathlon
  • Associate Members shall consist of any commercial entities that are registered in or out of Singapore, and for the purpose of profit-making, which are supporters or well-wishers of the association and the Sport in Singapore.
  • Membership for affiliate members shall be on an annual basis, by submission of an annual application form.
  • Affiliate members shall not have nay voting rights, but shall be eligible to nominate a representative to serve on the Management Committee. The representative must be a current individual member of the association.