SG-Coach Level 1

The Triathlon SG-Coach Level 1 is a community coaching course aimed at coaches, teachers, and community leaders working with beginners, children, and youth in sport.

Course Objective

This course will provide a broad perspective of coaching, roles and responsibilities, teaching methodologies and sport-specific skills for triathlon. The work of coaches at this level will be vital in supporting the development of new and existing triathletes. Participants will be introduced to the fundamental skills of Triathlon.

Target Group

This course is aimed at single sport coaches, teachers, and community leaders already working with children, youth and entry-level triathletes, under the supervision of a more senior coach.

Course Duration

28 hours covered over 5-weeknights and 3 half-day Saturdays, of both theory and practical sessions.


  • 80% attendance is required for the course
  • Candidates are expected to participate in all sessions, discussions, and practical activities
  • Candidates will be evaluated on class performance and participation
  • Candidates must pass both the practical assessment and written examination in order to be eligible to complete the course


  • Financial Member of TAS
  • 18 years of Age
  • No criminal conviction or past record
  • Hold or have the intention to obtain a Standard First Aid + CPR+AED certification
  • Hold or have the intention to obtain Basic Sports Science (BSS) or waiver
  • Hold or have the intention to obtain Life-Saving Level 1,2,3 or higher
  • Priority will be given to the following coaches already involved in coaching triathletes (in development programmes), NROC coaches from swimming, cycling, athletics or school teachers

Next course starting on Tuesday 9 March 2021
Kindly email Mr Omar Bakar at for more information.

Tri-Skills Leader

The Tri-Skills Leader programme is driven, coordinated, and managed by Triathlon Singapore with the assistance of accredited TS coaches. The course is an interactive one that involves practical skills involving triathlon swimming, cycling, running, and transition skills.

Course Objectives

This is the first step towards the community and grassroots levels, learning more about the sport and subsequently heading into the various pathways of either participation or coaching.

Target Group

This course is aimed at teachers, parents, community leaders, club members, and prospective candidate coaches who wish to acquire technical skills in triathlon.

Course Duration

8 hours covered 1 day of practical


  • Participants are required to be physically fit to participate in all practical activities


  • Financial Member of TAS
  • 14 years of Age

Continuing Education

As part of professional development and growth, it is TS mission to provide accredited coaches access to sport-specific opportunities through the community and the industry, both locally and regionally.