TAS Coach Education Pathway


TAS is committed to supporting the development of Triathlon nationwide. The vision is to develop initiatives from the foundations of community-level coaches, particularly in grassroots and youth coaching, so that it can build into an athlete-development pipeline – a key element of any long-term strategy.

TAS prides our coach development focusing on professional development with the key messages about ethics, beliefs, fair play, and values, through quality coach-athlete relationships.


TAS Coach Education has the following key outcomes:

1. To grow and develop the sport nationally by making high-quality coach education accessible to the community, regardless of their sport experience status;

2. Providing a quality assured framework for coach education and development that underpins coach development initiatives within the purview of Coach-SG;

3. To provide a mechanism by which coaches can progress along the coaching pathway, should they choose to.


The TAS Coach Development Programme is designed to be flexible enough to meet the demands of coaches from a novice level to an intermediate level.

The pathway currently provides for two stages of development, from Level 1 (Community) to Level 2 (Development) coach. The adaptation to reality is that many coaches work within a variety of coaching domains that include but are not limited to: participation, youth, development, and in some instances even performance. The levels of certification work to maximise a coach’s ability to be able to develop their own skills and knowledge established from a good base of technical fundamentals as well as coaching skills that can be applied to whichever domain they work in to provide a quality coaching experience for all participants.