“Support TS Fund”

All donations received are Tax Deductible of 2.5 times, with auto declaration to IRAS. A receipt will be issue.

Over the next 5 years (2017-2022), every dollar of donations received will be matched by the government of up to $80k (One Team Singapore Fund). These donations and Matching grants will go a long way towards grooming and developing our next generation of athletes for international success, starting from community and grassroot levels.

All donations are also subject to our “Donation Policy”, detailing the guidelines for collecting donations and usage of donations, for accountability and proper governance of public funds.

How to Donate?

Download Support TS Fund – Donation Form, complete the form, scan a copy and send it to eugene.ong@triathlonsingapore.org.

Payment via Cheque

Mail cheque to:

Triathlon Association of Singapore
3 Stadium Drive
#01-33 Sport Singapore
Singapore 397630

Payment via Bank Transfer

Name of Account Holder – Triathlon Association of Singapore
Name of Bank – United Overseas Bank Limited
Address of Bank – United Overseas Bank, 80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Bank Account Number – 1193085887
Swift Code of Bank – UOVBSGSG
Bank Number – 7375
Branch Name – New Bridge
Branch Number – 019


We have limited resources and funding to invest in our development programs and athletes. TS sets up the Support TS Fund, seeking for the public’s generosity to support our programs, which include grassroots and community development, and High performance.

Grassroots and Community Program: We are constantly planning and developing new programs and new events for the grassroots and community, to introduce them an alternative sport for them to embark on their health and fitness building. Our focus will be more targeted towards kids and youth, Women, and adults/youth at risk. We believe our sport can also help them develop good traits like positive mindset, winning spirit, overcoming challenges, never give up, team work and bonding, leaderships etc. We also want them to build up their self-confidence, self-believe and self-motivation through the involvement in our sport.

High performance : We seek help to strengthen and deepen our High Performance System to support our athletes. Our focus will be on aspiring but under-served youth athletes, para-triathletes and elite athletes. Our athletes had made sacrifices in order to fly our National Flag and bring glory to our Nation in overseas international competitions and games. Donations will go towards supporting them, which includes training and development, overseas training and competitions, equipments and uniforms. Every dollar that you donate will be matched by the government up to $80k, over the next five years (2017-2022) – One Team Singapore Fund. These donations will go a long way towards grooming our next generation of athletes for success.

TS Donation Policy


This policy is created to provide a set of guidelines for which TS collects our donations, and account for the usage of these donations (and/or any matching grants applied for, approved and collected from any government agencies).


Providing accountability for the usage of public goodwill funding and government funding, in line with proper good governance as a Charity organization and an Institute of Public Character (IPC)

Policy Statement

Triathlon Singapore (TS) is a not-for-profit organization. We rely on government funding and support of donors and benefactors to run our activities and programs. We manage all donations in accordance to the Singapore Charities Act. Being a registered IPC, all cash donations made to TS qualifies for 2.5 Times Tax Deduction.

Claiming Tax Deductible Donations

  • Tax deduction is given for donations made in the preceeding year.
  • TS will issue Tax-Deductible donation receipts to all donors.
  • Donor’s do NOT need to declare the donation amount when filing their annual income tax return.
  • Tax deductions will automatically be reflected in donor’s tax assessments.

Guidelines on Usage of Donations

  1. The usage of donations shall adhere strictly to the following requirements:
  2. Donations have to be used according to donor’s intentions. Donors can specify the intended use of their donations. It can be for the benefit of an athlete of their choice, a program of their choice, or a specific genre of their preference (Youth, Kids, Women etc).
  3. If such intentions is not specified, donations will be used to support the running of our activities and programs which includes mainly grassroots/community development, and High Performance.
  4. All donations collected are non-refundable. However, if a donation cannot be used for the indicated purposes above, TS will refund the donation or use the donation as may be approved by the Commissioner of Charities.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt,
    • TS will report all usage of donations (Specified or non-specified) and their statement of account , during our annual reporting.
    • Any donor-specified athlete, program or genre (as stated in point 1), will NOT be denied access to any available support or subsidies, already budgeted, planned and provided for by TS.
    • If a donor-specified athlete had been inactive in TS programs for 3 financial years, the specified donations in his account will be transferred for usage as stated in point 2.

Guidelines on Usage of Matching Grants (obtained as a result of Donations)

  1. Donors can specify the intended use of their donations, but they are not allowed to specify the intended use of any government grants.
  2. Matching grants will be used for the purpose as communicated to TS during the application process. (eg. the One-Team Singapore Fund matching grant, if approved upon application, can only strictly be used for the support of High performance programs/activities)
  3. TS will report all usage of government grants (including matching grants, if any) and their statement of account, during our annual reporting.