There are plenty of multisport races in Singapore and overseas that our members can participate in – whether you are a complete beginner looking to complete your first race, a national athlete representing Singapore in elite races, or anything in between, there is something for you!

While you are free to sign up to any race you like, we strongly encourage you to take part in sanctioned events, as this guarantees that the event is run in accordance to World Triathlon rules and organisation guidelines. Click here to see what sanctioned events there are in Singapore this year.


Races are most often open to all, but do visit the official race website of the event you are planning to do to check that you are eligible for one of their categories.

Before your participate in an event, make sure you have undergone a medical screening. This is for your own safety to ensure you are fit to race.

We also highly recommend you get an annual TAS membership as this will provide you with a race license and insurance for local sanctioned races, enable you to be eligible to represent Singapore at championship events, and help support TAS so that we can continue to provide support and opportunities for multisport in Singapore.