• Voting Rights (for Full Members): Be the voice of the community! Be granted the right to vote on resolutions during General Meeting, and also have a say on who you want to be sitting on the Managing Board of TAS, the local governing body for the sport you love.
  • Logo and Listing: All affiliates will be listed on our website.
  • Publicity: Affiliates will have regular features on our social media platforms, newsletter mentions, dedicated mailers, editorial coverage, where available.
  • Exclusive Invitations: Affiliates and their members will be exclusively invited to members-only programmes, seminars, workshops or events conducted or supported by TAS.
  • Priority Slots and Discounts: Affiliates and their members will get priority and/or exclusive discounts when registering for open programmes, seminars, workshops or events conducted by TAS.
  • Programs support: Opportunities to create your own programs or internal races sanctioned and supported by TAS.
  • Capability Development: Priority slots for your members into TAS’s Capability Programmes (coaching and officiating) to boost your organisation’s capability in these areas.
  • Be a club Champion: TAS will launch the National Club Championships, with the inclusion of several distances including the super sprint and mixed relay. All affiliates are eligible to participate and have the chance to win the prestigious award of Club Champion of the year, and get recognition for subsequent years in the club Hall of Fame!


  • Insurance Coverage: Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Coverage while participating in local sanctioned races.
  • Annual Race License: Exempted from buying Day-of-Race (DOR) License for each local sanctioned races.
  • National Representation: Eligible to represent Singapore as an Age Group athlete at the World Triathlon Age Group World Championships and World Triathlon Multisports World Championships.
  • Support the National Federation: TAS is a not-for-profit and Charity Organisation. Membership contribution helps us to provide valuable resources towards our community development programmes and also our High Performance Programmes to support our National Team.

For Affiliates memberships (clubs, organisations), please follow the instructions and complete the application form here:

For Individual membership, please follow the instructions and complete the application form here: