Daniel Sng assigned to Dongdaihe Asian Cup

Daniel Sng, was assigned to the 2018 Dongdaihe ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup as Technical Delegate, which took place in Liaoning Province, China on 30th June 2018.

Our Technical Officials in Subic Bay

Cecilia Monis, Denise Wong and Eugene Ong served as Technical Officials (TO) in the recent YOG Qualifiers / Southeast Asian Triathlon Championships held in Subic Bay on 17 June. The TO Team was led by Technical Delegate, Melody Tan from Malaysia.

Singapore sees 3 Triathlon Technical Officials serving the 18th ASIAN GAMES

We are delighted to announce Denise Wong, Peter Chua and Steven Wong selected to serve as Technical Officials (TO) for Triathlon in the 18th Asian Games to be held in Palembang, Indonesia. “The ASTC Executive Board has approved the selections and ASTC will announce the full list of TOs shortly,” says Sam Wickramasinghe, ASTC Technical Committee Chair in his announcement email.

The Triathlon, which consists of Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual and the Mixed Relay, will be held at JSC Lake Jakabaring from 31st Aug till 2nd Sep 2018. The TO team will be led by Technical Delegate Cheah Choon Nam fr0m Malaysia.


Siew Yee in Osaka-Castle’s TO line-up

NTO Ng Siew Yee served as a Technical Official (TO) in the 2018 Osaka-Castle NTT ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup which took place in Japan on 10th June. She is the first TO serving as a Self-Funded Technical Official (SFTO) for this race.

Peter Chua invited to Xuzhou

TAS Technical Committee Chair, Peter Chua, was invited to Xuzhou International Triathlon organised by TRI-Factor. The route will showcase the popular landmarks in the city of Xuzhou at the same time exposing the sport to the local community.

Ong Si Ying assigned Technical Delegate In Taizhou

Ong Si Ying Jasmine, our Level 2 TO, was assigned as the Technical Delegate to the 2018 Taizhou ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup which took place in Jiangsu Province, China on 2nd June.

Lin Guosheng, our CL2-TO, is also on the TO line-up as a SFTO. He is on his way to become an NTO and officiating in an ITU event is a requirement.

TAS Technical Officials Community Level 2 Course

Course title: TAS Technical Officials Community Level 2
28-29 July 2018
Duration: 1.5 days
Time: Day 1 9AM-5PM, Day 2 5.30AM-1PM (Practical session)
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub (NSA Office)
Course fee: S$100

This course is opened to:
1) Invited CL1-TOs
2) Athletes
3) Parents of Athletes
4) Teachers (PE)
5) Coaches
6) Event Organisers

Further information will be released again.

Our Technical Officials in Korea and Japan

2018 Gunsan Saemangeum ASTC Long Distance Triathlon Asian Championships
Peter Chua, Technical Delegate
2018 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama
Alvin Tay, Sharon Khoo, Siew Yee & Thong Hua

Brian Selby led the Technical Officials’ in Hong Kong

Brian Selby was the assigned Technical Delegate to the 2018 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Junior Asian Championships which took place in Plover Cove, Tai Po on 6th May. He is one of our Technical Officials with a Level 2 certification and has been with TAS for the past 10 years. In 2018, TAS has already seen 13 assignments by ITU/ASTC given to our Technical Officials.

Peter Chua assigned to Chengdu

Peter Chua, our own Level 3 TO and also an ITU Facilitator, was assigned to the 2018 Chengdu ITU Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar which was held on 2-3 May 2018.

The seminar saw 28 participants who will be on their journey towards becoming ITU Level 1 Technical Officials (NTO). The 2018 Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup was held on the weekend following the seminar thus giving the participants an opportunity to put their learning into practice, which is also a pre-requisite before validating themselves as NTOs.

“Junior TOs worked closely with the senior ones. The participants experienced a whole new level of interaction by sharing their experiences and being pro-active in any discussions or role-playing scenarios”, commented Peter.

Peter was also the appointed Head Referee for the race weekend.