Admin fees / Late renewal fees will be waived for this period till 31 December 2018.

Thank you for your patience and support of Triathlon!

Note: There will not be a physical membership card. You will instead be sent an email on your TAS membership number after your new application/renewal. We are moving towards e-Membership card and we will make another announcement soon. Accept our apologies for any inconveniences we might cause during this process.


  • Insurance Coverage: Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Coverage while participating in Domestic sanctioned races.
  • Lower Event Entry Cost: All individual members are exempted from day-of-race membership fees, which non individual members are required to pay for each race.
  • Discounts and Perks: Enjoy discounts and perks from a current and still growing list of participating merchants / outlets.
  • Kick-start your Triathlon Journey: Pay special rates for beginner’s coaching and officiating programs, triathlon development seminars and workshops conducted or organized by TAS
  • Enhanced your Triathlon Pathway!: Exclusive eligibility to join advanced coaching and officiating courses to enhanced your triathlon experience and pathway.
  • Join the Triathlon Fun-Tri Club: For once/twice a week training sessions conducted by a certified Triathlon Coach at special rates. Exclusive number of slots reserved for members first. (To be announced soon)
  • Regional Races opportunities: Get registered for regional races through TAS and enjoy ease of race registration, group travel arrangements including local transportation and accommodation. (To be announced soon)
  • Be National Champion!: Or see where you ranked against other performance driven athletes in Singapore. All individual members are eligible to register for the National Triathlon Championship (NTC) Series, with a chance to race against the best in Singapore for Prize Money and other rewards. (Note: National Champion title is only eligible for Singaporean and PRs only) (To be announced soon)
  • Be a Club Champion!: All ordinary and affiliate members are eligible for the National Club Championships to win the prestigious award of Club Champion of the year. (To be announced soon)
  • Wear the 5 stars and represent Singapore on the world platform: Eligibility to wear the 5 stars uniform to represent Singapore at the ITU Age Group World Championship. We select athletes for the Sprint, Standard, Long distance, Duathlon and Aquathlon World Championships, of all ages from 16 years to 80 years. (Note: Singapore and PR Only. Self-funded)
  • Support the National Sports Association: TAS is a charity and not-for-profit organization. Membership contribution helps us to not only provide valuable resources towards our community development programs for Youth development, coaching and officiating, but also for our High Performance programs to support our National Team.

Day of Race (DOR) License

Triathlon Association of Singapore will support sanctioned multisports (Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon) races in Singapore to ensure and improve all basic standards and requirements of a race, for the benefit of all members and participants.

When TAS provides sanctioning for a race, it is a stamp of approval that the event is safe and fair. Qualified Technical Officials will be present to enforce this.

There is a certain amount of Risk involved for participants of Endurance Sports races. As such, all participants at TAS sanctioned races will be provided with Basic Personal Accident Insurance Coverage, by paying a DOR License Fee.

Participants who are current TAS members are exempted from the DOR License Fee. They will be asked to produce their valid TAS membership number upon registration for that particular sanctioned race.

As of 1st March 2016, the DOR License Fees are subsidised at:

  • $3 for Aquathlon and Duathlon Races
  • $4 for Triathlon races (Sprint & Standard Distance)
  • Further 50% discount will be given for Mini, Kids and Youth Distance

Coverage includes (but not limited to):

  • Accidental Death: $10,000
  • Accidental Disablement: $10,000
  • Medical expenses reimbursement: $500

Should a participant wishes to make a claim, they should contact TAS. A claim form needs to be submitted within 30 days from the race day. Do keep all medical receipts, which will be required to be submitted for reimbursement.

TAS Merchants

To enjoy these benefits and also for identification purposes, kindly present your membership card prior to payment.

Thank you for supporting the services and establishments that support TAS!