2019 National Triathlon Championships Series will be updated shortly!

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Metasprint Triathlon 2019 – 28 April 2019

Tri-Factor Singapore Triathlon 2019 – 14 July 2019

Singapore International Triathlon 2019 – 29 September 2019 (Grand Final)


National Triathlon Championships (NTC) Series 2018

Are you good enough to race against the best tri-athletes in Singapore? See where you ranked in the National Standings and stand a chance to win prize money!

Did you know that if you are a Singaporean or PR (Residing in Singapore for more than 3 years), you can qualify to represent Singapore at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Age Group World Championships? You will be racing against the best Age Group athletes from across the world in either the Sprint or Standard Distance, and you might be crowned the World Champion in your Age Group!

Please read on to find out more!


From 2018, TAS introduces the 1st season of the NTC Series. This series will play an integral part in the development of the domestic competitive racing scene. It provides an opportunity for top athletes in Singapore to race head to head in the most competitive environment over a season of domestic races.

Top Singaporean Age Groupers, Singapore PR and foreigners, whom had met the entry requirements, will  also be invited to participate in the NTC Series. This will increase the competiveness and provide an opportunity for them to pit their racing skills against athletes in the National High Performance program (HPP), and vice-verse.  This also allows for Talent ID opportunities of athletes into the HPP pathway.

The NTC Series will consists of 2 ranks:

  1. National Sprint Championships Series (3 races)
  2. National Standard Championships Series (2 races)

2018 NTC Series Races:

Race Event Date Draft-Legal
1 2018 Metasprint Triathlon 15 April 2018 No
2 2018 Trifactor Triathlon 28 July 2018 No
3 2018 Singapore International Triathlon – Grand Final 23 September 2018 Yes

Target athletes:

  1. Existing Athletes in the National HPP (Mandatory)
  2. Top Singaporean Age Group athletes  – Not in the National HPP
  3. Singapore Permanent Residents – Blue NRIC
  4. Foreigners – Work Pass, Social Visit Pass, Passport

Entry requirements for NTC Series wave:

  1. Maximum 80 slots per gender – 60 for Singaporeans and PR, 20 for foreigners.
  2. Should Singaporeans and PR only makes up lesser than 60 slots, the remaining slots will be open to foreigners.
  3. All athletes must be holding on to a race license – TAS annual membership or Day-of-Race (DOR) membership.
  4. All athletes must be draft-legal endorsed by race 3.
  5. Sprint Series is only open for athletes 16 years and above.
  6. Athletes 18 years and above can only chose 1 Series – Either Sprint Series or Standard Series.
  7. Athletes whom did not qualify based on the criteria below, but whom wishes to join the NTC Series can write in to TAS to request for a slot – subject to assessment on a case-by-case basis, and availability of race slots.
Criteria Sprint Series Standard Series
Age 16 & above 18 & above
2017 Metasprint Triathlon Athletes whom had qualified for the Metasprint (Sprint Elite Wave). For more info, here NA
2017 Trifactor Triathlon (Sprint) Top 10 overall, or within 10% of winner’s time, whichever is higher NA
2017 Trifactor Triathlon (Standard) NA Top 10 overall, or within 10% of winner’s time, whichever is higher
2017 Singapore International Triathlon (Sprint) Top 10 overall, or within 10% of winner’s time, whichever is higher NA
2017 Singapore International Triathlon (Standard) NA Top 10 overall, or within 10% of winner’s time, whichever is higher
Overseas sanctioned races Within 10% of winner’s time Within 10% of winner’s time

* Slots will be given in the following priority:

1) Metasprint Triathlon (For Sprint Series only)

2) Singapore International Triathlon

3) Trifactor Triathlon

4) Overseas Sanctioned races

How to register?

  1. Athletes proceed to register for your individual race category accordingly, via the individual race registration page.
  2. TAS invites (via email) qualified athletes to be in the NTC wave start, or
  3. Athletes write in to TAS to request for a slot in the NTC wave start. TAS will verify and allocate the slots accordingly
  4. Regardless of your selection into the NTC Series, you will still be treated to a quality race in your individual age group category by our Event Organizers.
  5. Start List will be produce 14 days prior to the start of the race
  6. All successful athletes will be notified via email on their successful entry into the NTC Series and their start number.

Scoring System:

  1. A separate NTC Series point table will be maintained for Men and Women athletes.
  2. Athletes score points in each of the NTC Series races
  3. Athletes’ total points  acquired over the NTC Series races will be tabulated
  4. Top 3 athletes in the NTC Series point tables, in each of the 2 ranking series are entitled to prizes.
  5. Maximum athletes to score points: 30
  6. Points for winner: 300
  7. Points will be decreased by 7.5% for every position.
  8. Double points will be awarded in race 1 for Sprint Series, and race 3 for standard series.
  9. Events to Count: Junior (Race 1 + Race 2 + Race 3), Sprint (Race 1 + Race 2 + Race 3), Standard (Race 2 + Race 3)
Finish Position Points
1 300
2 278
3 257
4 237
5 220
6 203
7 188
8 174
9 161
10 149
11 138
12 127
13 118
14 109
15 101
16 93
17 86
18 80
19 74
20 68
21 63
22 58
23 54
24 50
25 46
26 43
27 40
28 37
29 34
30 31

Prize Money

There will be 2 pots of prize money for the NTC Series:

Pot 1 – For Singaporeans only (HPP and Non HPP)

Overall Rank Sprint Standard
First 400 600
Second 300 400
Third 200 300

Pot 2 – For Singaporeans (Non-HPP only). PR and foreigners

(Foreigners whom had raced as an Elite athlete in ITU races within the last 24 months, are eligible to race but not eligible for prize money)

Overall Rank Sprint Standard
First 300 400
Second 200 300
Third 150 200

Scenario 1: Athlete A (Singaporean, Non-HPP) came in overall first rank position after the 3 races of the sprint series. He is eligible for Prize money of (Pot 1 $400) + (Pot 2 $300) = $700

Scenario 2: After the 3 races of the Sprint Series, Athlete A (Singaporean, Non-HPP) came in overall second rank position. Athlete B (Singaporean, HPP) came in overall first rank position.  Athlete A is eligible for prize money (Pot 1 $300) +(Pot 2 $300) = $600. Athlete B is eligible for prize money of Pot 1 $400 only.

Scenario 3: After the 3 races of the Sprint Series, Athlete A (Singaporean, Non-HPP), came in overall forth rank position. Athlete B, C and D (Singaporeans, HPP) came in first, second and third rank positions respectively. Athlete B is eligible for prize money of Pot 1 $400. Athlete C is eligible for prize money Pot 1 $300, Athlete C is eligible for prize money of Pot 1 $200. Athlete A is eligible for prize money Pot 2 $300.

Note: For NTC Sprint, Athletes must race in at least 2 races to be eligible for prize Money, and Prize Money will be halved (50%) if they did not race in the Grand Final. For NTC Standard, athlete must race in the Grand Final to be eligible for prize money.

Other Prizes

  1. Athletes are still eligible for their respective Age group Categories Rank and Prizes for the individual races (Race 1 and Race 2 only).
  2. Top 3 Singaporeans in the Sprint and Standard Series will be invited to join the National HPP, and qualifies for the Asian Triathlon Championships (Elite Category) the following year. (All expenses covered by TAS)
  3. All Starters in the NTC Series will receive an exclusive “NTC Starters Medal”
  4. All Champions from the overall rankings will receive an exclusive Champion Medal
  5. Top 5 will receive a 25% discount off entry fees for NTC Series events for the following year.
  6. Top 15 Singaporeans or PR in each series rankings, qualifies for the ITU World Age Group championships the following year. (All expenses will be self fund by athlete)
  7. Potential talents (Singaporeans) will be invited to join the National HPP to race overseas as Elites, and a chance to prepare themselves for Major Games.

NOTE: As the NTC Series is new, the Triathlon Association of Singapore will review the terms constantly to establish a fair system to recognize deserved athletes. Please bear with us as we are looking to develop a robust NTC system for the recognition and development of potential athletes locally. We will strive to provide a better one for the following years to come, and thank you for your patience and support